Loyal Souls was started in January 2012 and has grown since that time and has continued to push the envelop of creativity and staying true to its roots and to continue to be original. 


Loyal Souls is a New Clothing Brand Dedicated to the Street Wear Culture and keeping it Fresh and New!

" Loyal to the Soul"
 "Loyal and Faithful to the cause of the immaterial essence and Individuality of the Brand.​"
Loyal Souls was founded in Fall of 2011 by Michael Ryan Zaleta, an Industrial Design graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA.​
The Mantra of Loyal Souls is “Live Life Loyal, basically meaning completely loyal to yourself and being true which reflects to the name and in which all of it stands for. Being true, loyal, innovative and inspiring to the fashion world and what it has become in the culture of the street-wear movement.​
The whole idea behind Loyal Souls was to create a new Brand out in the fashion world quite like no other especially in the ever-evolving street-wear and sneaker head culture. Pretty much to change the game and to bring something new to the table that a lot of brands and companies lose sight in and that is Loyalty and dedication.

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